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Stepping Up as LearnLaunch’s Chairman

Mark Miller - Chairman, LearnLaunch

Yesterday, participants in LearnLaunch's Edtech Investor Summit 2017 and Accelerator 2 Demo Day heard the news first: In addition to my "day job" as Managing Partner of Good Harbor Partners, I am proud to accept the role as LearnLaunch’s new Chairman - creating synergies and shared goals that benefit the edtech industry.

I was one of the original co-founders of LearnLaunch, and am proud of the organization’s success and growth. Since its 2012 start, LearnLaunch has emerged as the leading organization in Boston’s thriving edtech ecosystem.

This leadership role comes at a pivotal time for the edtech industry – our efforts are transforming learning, but not yet for everyone. In the US and globally; K-12, higher ed, and workplace learning; STEM and literacy; technology is enabling new ways of teaching and learning – but that overall “transformation” remains elusive for most learners.

The ideas are there. The Demo Day showcased some truly innovative companies and approaches to learning. But, as any seasoned entrepreneur knows, a smart and unique product is not enough to guarantee success.

That uncertainty is something that I have worked my entire career to affect. I have been in every position along the edtech business development path from founder, to partner, advisor, director and investor. I share the lessons that I’ve learned and the networks that I’ve built with the next generation of promising entrepreneurs. That mentoring and guidance will expand as LearnLaunch grows.

I have three goals to support and nurture LearnLaunch’s growth and impact:

  1. Greater Boston will stake its claim as the world leader in all things education.

  2. Focus on the world-class talent that graduates from our amazing colleges and universities—so that talent stays in Boston and improves education via LearnLaunch and, ultimately, become a talent pool for the greater marketplace.

  3. Seek support from the business, policy-maker and the philanthropic community to further our mission of transforming learning.

As innovation takes root, we should do everything in our power to keep amazing companies here – their presence helps ensure that Massachusetts’ schools (both K-12 and higher ed) remain the national leader in student success. These companies, of course, also create the jobs that fuel our vibrant education sector.

At the same time, we must also expand our horizons and look at the global marketplace. Education is a critical issue worldwide, and LearnLaunch plans to expand its global reach and leadership. With programs and partnerships already underway in up and coming hubs like London and Tokyo, we hope to create a collaborative network of edtech influencers and companies, all tied back here to Boston.

LearnLaunch is dedicated to connecting, supporting and investing in the education technology ecosystem, and to promoting innovation in order to transform learning. I am excited about the opportunity to build on this mission and continuing to see the edtech industry thrive. The future – for entrepreneurs, investors, and learners – looks very bright.

Mark Miller


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