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Coaching Entrepreneurs at EdSurge's Immersion Event

I am proud to announce GHP’s participation as a coach in EdSurge’s Immersion event, coming up on April 7 in San Diego. This one day gathering is hosted in partnership with ASU GSV.

The program includes sessions with Deborah Quazzo, Founder and Managing Partner of GSV Advisors and successful entrepreneurs Brett Kopf and Brian Grey of Remind. It also provides four hours of hands on coaching for edtech entrepreneurs. This is a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and coaches too. Coaching topics include funding, hiring and diversity, marketing, selling to districts and finally

GHP's area of expertise – scaling, mergers and acquisitions.

GHP Responds to 3 Major Questions About Scaling, Mergers and Acquisitions

While at Immersion, we will be helping edtech entrepreneurs answer 3 major questions about scaling, mergers and acquisitions:

1. Should I sell or keep growing my company?

In a sale, you need deep market knowledge and relationships to create a competitive market for your company, unlocking the highest value and best outcome. In advance of a sale, you should start early to accelerate growth and build value, positioning yourself for a successful exit in the future.

2. What can I do to accelerate growth?

First, validate product market fit. Then develop a sales growth plan and make sure you have support on the execution to deliver results, leveraging direct sales and channel partnerships. Gain introductions to the decision makers and investors at top firms, the family offices and high-net worth individuals so you can make the best first impression.

3. How do I raise visibility with strategics, investors and thought leaders?

You need to gain credibility and personal relationships to get to the right senior people. Then you need to vet, qualify, structure and close the deals and relationships that make sense.

Will we be seeing you at Immersion? At ASU GSV? Torsten and I still have time on our schedules for meetings next week and after the events.

We are most interested in meeting with leaders of companies that have achieved product market fit and are positioned to make a transformational impact. If you are one of these leaders and we haven't met, please schedule some time with us so we can learn about your work!

Looking forward to participating in Immersion and making new connections in San Diego - Mark

P.S. Here's a new infographic we'll be sharing at ASU GSV:

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